Under Eye Treatments 

What treatments are available for treating the sensitive eye area?

We have several options available for treating the under and around the eye area.

Jett Medical Plasma Lift- primarily result in tightening the skin under the eye however, as a secondary result, it can reduce the dark circles under the eyes in some clients (£200 per session)

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections. PRP is a technique whereby we extract and concentrate growth factors (specific for healing and restoration) found within your blood and then inject them into your targeted area. We extract a small sample of your blood, concentrate the platelets / growth factors and then inject into the desired area- Our under-eye treatment is designed to reduce the dark circles under the eyes. (£320 per session)

COMING SOON: Cell stem released molecules (SRM), specific for regeneration, healing and restoring the under eye area (as well as other parts of the body). The molecules are bound within stem cell released nanospheres called exosomes. The exosomes are designed to carry the SRM’s to the target tissue/ area.  The exosomes also allow the SRM’s to be packaged into a serum for topical application rather than injections. £TBA

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